• Monique
    I am
    Writer, Advocate, Storyteller
    I am a writer. I am a journalist.
    I am a retired international development and communication expert.
    I am an advocate for Haiti, for girls, for women, for youth.
    I am an advocate for human rights, for social justice, for gender parity.
  • Mosaiques Book
    I write them.
    I read them.
    I learn from them.
    I treasure them.
    I take inspiration from them.
  • Storytelling
    Were-wolfs. Taking souls. Black butterfly visits.
    Fleur sauvage. The grapevine verandah.
    Drums. Dominoes. Bésigue. Sewing machines.
    Grossse roche. Jacmel. Nourished my childhood.
    Silence. Silence. Silence.
    I learned the language of silence, so, so very early.

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Haiti’s Rule of Lawlessness

Haiti’s Rule of Lawlessness

To comprehend the depth of the rot in Haitian politics, consider the public figures who have been slapped with sanctions by the U.S. and Canadian governments over the last few months because of their corruption and connections to drug smuggling and gang violence.[...]
Haitians Have a Solution to Haiti’s Crisis

Haitians Have a Solution to Haiti’s Crisis

The woman yelling these words in Creole was captured on camera during a protest under the hot, midday sun, somewhere in Haiti, in mid-July: “We are tired. We are exhausted. We have had it. It’s time to rise up.” [...]

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